Rules of entry

Category awards are open to:

  • Students who are studying (or have studied) an NCTJ-accredited course or NCTJ distance learning programme. The work submitted must be produced between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018 (coursework or work experience).
  • Trainees who have completed the Diploma in Journalism, with less than two years’ employment. The work submitted must be produced between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018.

Students and trainees can submit one application per award category. The same piece of work may not be submitted more than once.

The Awards for Excellence 2018 are now open for entries until Friday, 14 September.

Allowed formats

For all categories, a mix of media may be submitted, i.e. if supplying three stories, it could be one video, one audio and one written piece.

Video and audio pieces

Must be cut packages of not more than:

  • In the case of video entries - 3' 00" duration
  • In the case of audio entries - 4' 00" duration
  • Should be accompanied by a copy of the script or, in the case of entries which consist of interviews, any questions or briefing materials prepared before recording
  • The intended or actual outlet should be identified in the supporting statement.

To submit video or audio content to the awards ensure the package is uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo publically or as an unlisted video. Insert the link into a word document and upload the file as 'Name of video/audio content' link.

Written pieces

  • Can be submitted as PDFs or word files
  • Can be printed from a website
  • A list of URL links to online work (including audio and video) can be submitted in a Word document. (NB If the link is unavailable at the time of judging, it will not be considered.)


  • Please supply high resolution (at least 300dpi) images