Become an accredited course

NCTJ accreditation is the hallmark of excellence in journalism training. Find out how you could become an accredited course.

NCTJ accreditation provides a world-class industry standard that is recognised throughout the media.

It is the trusted kite-mark for courses that supply quality new recruits who have the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to work effectively as journalists in all sectors of the media. It is highly valued by employers and is a benchmark of best practice.

Accreditation is based on exacting performance standards that guarantee high quality journalism education and training.

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All students on accredited courses study for the NCTJ Diploma in Journalism and aim to achieve the industry ‘gold standard’.

Benefits for centres
Benefits for students
Our approach

We believe working towards accreditation should be a worthwhile, meaningful exercise based on collaboration and practical support. We offer a rigorous, transparent and cost-effective system where our efforts are concentrated where they are needed most.

Our holistic and risk-based approach helps to raise standards and ensures a proportionate and flexible process for centres in times of great chance in journalism and the education and training sectors. The industry plays a lead role in setting and monitoring our accreditation standards, and supporting centres that sign up to our training scheme.

Our standards and support

All courses accredited by the NCTJ must meet our seven performance standards:

  1. Quality journalism education and training and results
  2. Close industry links and practical up-to-date journalism experience
  3. Professional delivery of the Diploma in Journalism
  4. Commitment to diversity
  5. Innovation, ambition and continuous improvement
  6. Employability
  7. Communication, collaboration and contact

We provide detailed advice and guidance to all our centres on the evidence needed to achieve accreditation. We have a full-time quality and standards manager who is, passionate about high standards of journalism and the ‘go-to’ person for our centres on all accreditation matters.

How long does it take?

There is no set timeframe, but there are five main stages to the accreditation, beginning with submitting an expression of interest to the NCTJ and taking part in advisory discussions.

For more information, including fees and how to apply, see our accreditation information pack.

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