Leadership for journalists

Introducing a programme which aims to develop journalists and strengthen the quality of leadership across the industry

The NCTJ’s leadership programme is created by journalists for journalists, taking widely-used leadership principles and theory and applying them to an editorial or content-driven environment.

It is aimed at supporting early-career and established leaders and reflecting the unique day-to-day challenges within a busy, deadline-driven media organisation. It will provide learning on essential tools to juggle those challenges and will shine a spotlight on complex subjects including resilience, people management and confidence-building.

Join our exclusive training sessions which include bite-sized lunch and learn sessions and more in-depth masterclasses on a wide range of topics.

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Join our women in leadership leading with confidence lunch and learn


It was great to attend the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) lunch and learn session on Imposter syndrome to find out more about how it can impact us at work. The workshop was a glimpse into what we could do to recognise our own feelings and support those around us. It provided tips and tricks that I’ll be sharing with my team.


2.5-3 hours daytime training for in-depth learning on specific subjects. Cost: £99-£119

Being an effective communicator

Discover new ways to use communication to motivate your team, influence others and implement change

Motivating and engaging the team

Learn essential techniques to inspire and create a positive culture within your team

Managing change in the newsroom

How to succeed in implementing change and transformation while keeping the team motivated

Diversity and inclusion in leadership

Explore the impact of diversity and inclusion within the team and learn new ways of developing an inclusive style of leadership

Safety and resilience for editorial leaders

Build your knowledge and skills around a topic that continues to affect the industry and learn how to support the team

Lunch and learns:

45mins-1.5 hours bite-sized training to provide a flavour of key leadership skills. Cost: £39-£49

Leading with confidence

Develop self-belief and learn the art of assertiveness to develop your career and those around you

Employment law

Ensure you’re up to speed with legal considerations when dealing with your team and difficult situations

Time management and prioritisation

Learn to juggle the demands of the busy day-to-day with effective prioritisation skills to improve the workload of you and your team

Managing hybrid and WFH working patterns

Learn new techniques to manage a remote or hybrid team and maintain a positive team culture

Understanding imposter syndrome

Discover more about a condition or feeling which affects many people and learn new techniques to overcome it

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