Researching accredited courses

All NCTJ courses meet the accreditation standard and follow the NCTJ curriculum, and all are designed to give you the best possible chance to get a job in journalism.

However, course structures vary, so you may want to consider the following questions when weighing up which course would suit you best:

  • Are you interested in including academic study in your course?
  • Do you want to focus exclusively on vocational training leading to NCTJ qualifications?
  • What length of study are you considering? NCTJ courses range from 17 weeks to four years
  • Compare the cost of a number of courses, as the fees vary
  • If you are going to move away from your current residence to study, does the learning centre offer guidance on finding accommodation?
  • All courses include "real-world" journalism activities. Check that your particular interests will be catered for
  • What are the facilities like at the learning centres you are interested in?
  • What academic qualifications and/or work experience are required to gain a place on the course?
  • What work placement experience does the course expect while on the course?
  • What existing relationships with local media companies does the course have?
  • What are the course’s exam results from the previous year? The past three years can be found on the NCTJ’s exam results table on this website
  • Which optional NCTJ diploma modules does the course offer?