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The Journalism Diversity Fund needs you!

According to the BBC Lab UK survey published in April, Britain is far from a classless society: instead of the previously assumed three social classes, there are apparently now seven.

Q&A with JDF recipient Wendy Oloya

Wendy Oloya is currently category content manager at WorldStores, having previously worked as a reporter at Famous Features. She completed her journalism training at News Associates with the help of the Journalism Diversity Fund.

NCTJ Student Council: The future of journalism is in our hands

“The future of journalism is in your hands.” With such a bold opening statement by NCTJ Chairman, Kim Fletcher, on Friday morning, it became clear why the NCTJ wanted us, the student council, to ensure they were providing us with the best range of opportunities, skills and qualifications possible.

Why it pays to be diverse in the end

Most organisations require you to ‘tick boxes’ before you can even contact them. Whether it be your name, age, gender, sexuality, religion or even medical history, it is essential that our bureaucratic society know about you. I, like many other Journalism Diversity recipients, have never fitted in a box.

High Hopes

I remember sitting here 12 months ago, looking through NCTJ courses and telling myself that I was absolutely bonkers for pursuing a pipe-dream.

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