NCTJ publishes list of most respected journalists

A 238-strong list of the most respected journalists, as nominated by journalists, is being revealed by the NCTJ.

Journalists who are working in the UK picked who they most respect in the media as part of the NCTJ’s Journalists at Work 2018 survey, which was carried out earlier this year.

They were asked which living journalist they felt most embodies the values of journalism that they respect and adhere to.

Nominated journalists include well-known names from a number of broadcasters and national newspapers, as well as reporters from local and regional press, magazines and independent publications.

Ian Hargreaves, professor of digital economy at Cardiff University, who chaired the Journalists at Work research, which will be published at the end of October, said: “Journalists see colleagues all around them whose commitment to the right values they admire and respect.

“What's striking is that the range of individual journalists who embody these values is so broad and so varied.

“This suggests to me that values-based journalism is thriving in these turbulent times.

“An outcome where one or two individuals wholly dominated the voting might have indicated the opposite: that such qualities are admirable but rare.”

The journalist who received the most nominations will be announced as the charity’s patron next week.

Joanne Butcher, chief executive of the NCTJ, said: “We wanted to steer clear of inviting a celebrity or royalty to become our patron.

“Instead, we wanted somebody who really resonates with journalists, shares the NCTJ’s values, and cares about the future of quality journalism and high standards.

“So, who better than the most widely respected journalist, as voted for by those working in the industry - the journalist’s journalist.

“By appointing a patron, we hope to raise awareness of the NCTJ’s charitable work, from delivering the premier training scheme for journalists in the UK, to working with the industry to improve equality, diversity and inclusion.”

Who made the list of the most respected journalists? Click here to find out.

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