72 per cent pass rate for March NQJ exam 12th April 2017

Seventy-two per cent of candidates achieved senior status in the March sitting of the National Qualification in Journalism (NQJ).

NCTJ announces March NQJ award winners 12th April 2017

‘Old-School Journalism Techniques Are Still What All Good Reporters Need’

NCTJ and Cirrus win prestigious international e-Assessment award 23rd March 2017

The NCTJ’s Essential Journalism examination, introduced last November on the Cirrus Assessment platform, has been recognised in the inaugural International e-Assessment Awards.

Fifth edition of Essential Public Affairs for Journalists is launched 20th March 2017

The fifth edition of Essential Public Affairs for Journalists (Oxford University Press), an invaluable guide for both journalism students and practising journalists, has been launched.

New NCTJ report on freelance journalism: self-employed want more training but face financial challenges 13th February 2017

The NCTJ has commissioned and published a 52-page report, Exploring Freelance Journalism, which provides independent, comprehensive labour market information about the freelance journalism sector and includes the results of a recent survey of more than 600 freelance journalists.

Student Council 2017: integrity and persistence are key for journalism students 7th February 2017

Essential qualities sought by editors were revealed to delegates at the NCTJ 2017 Student Council.

Sky Sports News presenter Rob Wotton presents NCTJ diploma exam awards at 2017 Student Council 7th February 2017

Sky Sports News presenter Rob Wotton presents NCTJ diploma exam awards at 2017 Student Council

NCTJ students and Evening Standard/Independent apprentices met Sadiq Khan this week after Mayor’s Question Time at City Hall.

The group, studying a fast-track course at UCFB based in Wembley Stadium, were live blogging and reporting from the monthly session where the mayor is questioned on his policies by members of the Greater London Assembly.

A wide range of issues were debated including banning the school run, the effects of Brexit on London businesses, honour based violence and how the government’s Right to Rent scheme may be causing racial discrimination.

UCFB course leader and journalism tutor, Roz McKenzie, said: “Attending Mayor’s Question Time is an ideal opportunity for students and apprentices to report from a high profile political debate and put into practice their reporting, law and shorthand skills.

“It was great that Sadiq could take some time out of his busy schedule to meet the journalists of the future.”