Community News Project

Do you care about what goes on around you, wish your community had a louder voice, and want to make a difference? 

The Community News Project needs you. A partnership between Facebook, local news publishers and the NCTJ, the project is creating around 82 new community reporter roles in newsrooms around underserved areas in England, Scotland and Wales.

The publishers are looking for people who care about their communities, and want to make a difference in local communities.

We’re especially keen to hear from people who believe they can help make our newsrooms more representative of the communities they serve.

Previous journalism experience or education is not essential, but those who have already achieved the NCTJ Diploma in Journalism will be at an advantage as they will be employed at a higher salary.

Roles are opening now, but can also be held open for accepted applicants until they finish their NCTJ studies.

Click here to find out if any jobs are available.

In November 2019, the NCTJ's research consultant Mark Spilsbury carried out an independent baseline evaluation report on the Community News Project. Click here to read the report.

What will a community reporter do?

As a community reporter, your main role will be to engage with people in specific communities to curate, collate and create content relevant to them.

You will build and act as the point of contact for online communities by engaging with and seeking out content either written by you or from members of those communities.

You will also receive industry-leading digital journalism training for you to then share into your newsrooms, as well as the gold-standard NCTJ journalism training to become a fully-trained journalist.

What qualifications will I gain?

For applicants with no previous journalism experience or education, journalism apprenticeships are available, which combine intensive training with on-the-job experience in local communities. Apprentices will work towards the Diploma in Journalism.

For applicants with some previous journalism experience or non-NCTJ education, trainee community reporter roles are available, where support will be provided to gain the Diploma in Journalism.

Those who have passed the diploma will work towards the National Qualification in Journalism for community journalists.

For more information see our FAQs.