National shorthand exams

National shorthand exams are held for external candidates in September, January and May.

The next available National shorthand exams take place on Friday, 13 September 2024 at 100wpm (10.00am) and 60wpm (11.30am). Bookings will open at 9am on Monday, 1st July 2024 and will close at 5pm on Friday, 16 August 2024. Please ensure to book your exam(s) in good time, as the NCTJ are unable to accept late booking requests.

Eligibility: National exams are open to external candidates only (e.g. distance learners, candidates on non-accredited courses, industry candidates, and those who are no longer on course with a centre and need to re-sit an exam). Candidates studying on a journalism course at an NCTJ-accredited centre are not able to enter National exams while still on course. Your centre will deliver your exams.

You must ensure you are ready for, and able to sit, the scheduled exam before booking. All exam fees are payable at the point of booking. In the event of a cancellation or non-attendance, exams are non-refundable. Deferrals will only be considered in exceptional circumstances, in line with the NCTJ reasonable adjustments and special considerations policy.

If you have any queries regarding National exams, then please contact or call us on 01799 544 014

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Shorthand National exam timetable 2023/24 & 24/25:

National exam date Speed(s) Time Bookings open Booking deadline Results (by 5pm)
Thursday, 23 May 2024 100wpm/60wpm 10am/11.30am Monday, 18th March 2024 Friday, 26 April 2024 Tuesday, 4 June 2024
Friday, 13 September 2024 100wpm/60wpm 10am/11.30am Monday, 1st July 2024 Friday, 16 August 2024 Tuesday, 24 September 2024
Thursday, 16 January 2025 100wpm/60wpm 10am/11.30am Monday, 4th November 2024 Friday, 20 December 2024 Tuesday, 28 January 2025
Thursday, 22 May 2025 100wpm/60wpm 10am/11.30am Monday, 3rd March 2025 Friday, 25 April 2025 Tuesday, 3 June 2025
Further information

Shorthand exam dictation is delivered by the NCTJ in a recorded audio format, to ensure consistency for all candidates. Transcription is conducted in the Cirrus online assessment platform.

Exam dictation at 60wpm is four minutes long and split into two passages (2mins + 2mins) with an error tolerance of 3%.

Exam dictation at 100wpm is four minutes long and split into three passages (2mins + 1min + 1min) with an error tolerance of 3%. In the final passage, a key quote must also be identified and transcribed accurately.

Click here to read the marking guide for full details of how the exams are assessed.

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