NCTJ’s Journalism Skills Academy launches new AI e-learning training course

The NCTJ’s Journalism Skills Academy launches new AI e-learning training course for journalists, PR professionals and content creators.

The NCTJ has launched an e-learning course to support journalists as artificial intelligence (AI) technology evolves.

A Journalist’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence is a training resource, delivered through the NCTJ’s Journalism Skills Academy, which aims to demystify existing perceptions of AI while providing essential guidance on how the technology can support journalism and content creation.

The e-learning resource will help journalists increase their AI literacy, learn new skills as AI practices continue to grow and develop an understanding of how AI may impact on the role of the journalist immediately and in the future.

Those who enrol will also see how AI is being used in the industry, as the course features case studies and interviews from senior editorial leaders who are currently testing AI practices in their newsrooms.

The course is designed to be accessible to all and has been created to appeal to a wide range of journalists, editors and content creators from all backgrounds, with different experiences and disciplines.

Areas of focus include AI technology, data and research; issues around misinformation and verification; practical best practice guidance on the use of AI tools and how this sits alongside a journalists’ core skills.

The JSA will also launch virtual masterclasses early next year as part of its AI training programme.

Laura Adams, head of the Journalism Skills Academy, said: “We are delighted to be launching our AI training with this e-learning course, which will support journalists as its use increases across the industry.

“This will be an essential resource for all journalists – including freelance journalists – and as this is an e-learning course, users can learn at their own pace and in their own time.”

The course will be available on the JSA’s e-learning platform at an introductory price of £45 + VAT.

This comes as the NCTJ is set to host an Artificial Intelligence in Journalism event at Thomson Reuters on Tuesday, 12 December, where industry leaders and experts will discuss the opportunities AI represents to journalists in the newsroom.

For more information about the AI e-learning course, click here.

The NCTJ’s Journalism Skills Academy offers professional training and development for journalists throughout their careers. More information is here.

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