Jody Doherty-Cove, head of editorial AI at Newsquest. Photo: Josh Caius

NCTJ launches new AI training to support journalism tutors

The NCTJ will run two ‘train the trainer’ sessions on artificial intelligence (AI) with Jody Doherty-Cove, head of editorial AI at Newsquest, to support journalism tutors.

The NCTJ will run two ‘train the trainer’ sessions on artificial intelligence (AI) to support journalism tutors as they prepare students to adapt to the new technology as it continues to evolve in the industry.

The virtual ‘lunch and learn’ sessions will take place on Thursday, 29 February and Friday, 1 March and are for educators delivering AI teaching as part of their NCTJ accreditation.

The training will be led by Jody Doherty-Cove, head of editorial AI at regional publisher Newsquest, who ran a masterclass at the NCTJ’s recent AI event in London.

While there remains uncertainty around some aspects of AI, such as verification and copyright, many media organisations are seeing it as an opportunity to support journalists in their work.

The training sessions will combine theory with practical guidance on how to use AI technology in sourcing and creating content.

Jody said: “AI is significantly transforming the media landscape, making it essential for journalism tutors to not only be aware of these changes but also to be well-prepared in understanding both the risks and the ethical considerations associated with AI.

“These hands-on sessions are designed to empower tutors with an understanding of how the technology works, how it’s being used in the newsroom, and its impact on traditional journalistic practices.

“Come along, learn how to interact with AI, and come away equipped to help train the next generation of journalists who leverage AI to enhance storytelling, fact-checking, and content creation.”

The trainer session forms part of the AI training offered by the NCTJ’s Journalism Skills Academy, which also includes an e-learning course A Journalist’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence; an introductory virtual ‘lunch and learn’; a more in-depth, virtual AI masterclass; and bespoke training courses for individual organisations.

Laura Adams, head of the Journalism Skills Academy, said: “We are pleased to be adding this ‘train the trainer’ session to our growing portfolio of training in artificial intelligence.

“It is important that students on NCTJ-accredited courses are aware of how AI is impacting the newsroom and are prepared for how it may affect their role as a journalist when they begin their careers.

“We hope these sessions will provide the support needed by course leaders and tutors to deliver up-to-date training on a topic that is continually developing in the industry.”

For more information and to enrol on the workshops, which will cost £49+VAT, click here.

The NCTJ’s Journalism Skills Academy offers professional training and development for journalists throughout their careers. For more information, click here.

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