Data journalism

This option builds on the introduction to the subject in the essential journalism module. It is about learning the knowledge and skills to operate as an audience-focused data journalist.

It will provide knowledge of how to find data, analyse that data in the most efficient way to find great stories, how to visualise the information found and go on to develop the data into content which will appeal to readers and viewers.

Core skills and knowledge of researching, interviewing and telling stories, which will engage with the audience, are vital.

Assessment: candidates will sit a 1-hour and 15 minutes online exam designed to test a candidate’s knowledge and skills in handling a large data set. They will be expected to identify major potential stories and lines of inquiry from the data, outline how that story would be developed by way of gathering further information and provide visuals which would support the story.

They will also submit a piece of data journalism coursework. Published on appropriate platform(s), using any appropriate program(s), the submission will include the completed piece(s) of content with appropriate visuals produced by the candidate.