VAT at the standard rate (20 per cent) has been included in all fees where applicable.

The following fees are applicable from 01 September 2019.

Certificate in Foundation Journalism distance learning
Individual unit £39.00
Mandatory units (pack of five) £159.00
Diploma in Journalism distance learning
Core skills package (made up of Essential Journalism, Essential journalism e-portfolio, Essential journalism ethics and regulation and Essential media law and regulation) £468.00
Essential journalism £216.00
Essential journalism e-portfolio £57.00
Essential journalism ethics and regulation £96.00
Essential media law and regulation £150.00
Sports journalism, production journalism, business of magazines, media law court reporting, public affairs for journalists, business and finance journalism, videojournalism for online £150.00 each
Shorthand for journalists £96.00
Broadcast regulation £96.00
PR and communications for journalists £300.00
Additional one hour of tutor support time £24.00
Diploma in Journalism examination fees
Diploma in Journalism (full test) £406.20
Essential journalism, essential media law and regulation, essential journalism e-portfolio, media law court reporting, public affairs for journalists, production journalism, sports journalism, business of magazines, business and finance journalism, photography for journalists, videojournalism for online*, introduction to PR for journalists, data journalism*, and journalism for a digital audience* £55.20 each
Newspaper magazine regulation test £13.80
Broadcast journalism (double module), PR and communications (double module), practical magazine journalism (double module) £110.40
Broadcast journalism exam re-sit (per exam) £55.20
Broadcast journalism coursework resubmission £27.60
Shorthand £15.90
*Exam and coursework submissions combine to form one overall mark and final grade. They are not two seperate submissions. Both the exam and coursework must be submitted for marking at the same time in order to achieve a result for the module.  
Resits/resubmissions - fees as above  
Sanction fee £25.00
Qualification certificate/replacement certificate £16.80
Diploma in Journalism examination report (per module) £39.60
Shorthand examination report £10.20
Level 6 National Qualification in Journalism (NQJ)
Registration fee £82.50
NQJ examination fees
Enrolment fee (full test) £477.00
The big news story £159.00
Media law and ethics in practice £159.00
Logbook first attempt / re-sit £159.00/£79.50
Replacement NCE/NQJ certificates (inc p&p) £16.80
NQJ examination reports (per section) £49.20
Other fees
Third party request for data information £40.00
Appealing examination results  
Stage 1 - initial review and re-mark (per candidate)* £54.00
Stage 2 - Independent review £81.00
* The fee for a group appeal will be determined by the number of students involved  
Appeals of decisions other than exam results  
Stage 1 £54.00
Stage 2 £81.00
Centre fees by qualification
Level 5 Qualification in Practical International Journalism
Registration fee per candidate £25.50
Assessment/certification fee per candidate £132.00
Level 3 Certificate in Foundation Journalism
Registration fee per candidate £25.80
Assessment/certification fee per unit £13.50
Full test £175.50
Level 3 Junior Journalist Apprenticeship
Registration and certification £504.00
Diploma exam fees per candidate (one sitting) £406.20
End-point assessment (EPA) £504.00
End-point assessment (EPA) re-sit £252.00
Accreditation fees
Annual membership (per centre payable in January) £930.00
Accreditation panel visit £630.00
Advisory or monitoring visit £498.00
New centre accreditation £930.00
Examination spot checks no charge
(Note: any examination spot re-checks required will be charged at £79.50 to cover associate costs)  
Annual approval fees
Diploma in Journalism approved exam centre £1266.00
Certificate in Foundation Journalism centre approval £195.00
External verification visit fees - fee per visit
Certificate in Foundation Journalism £258.00
Other training courses
One-day training courses From £275 (exc. VAT)
NQJ refresher course £594.00