Journalism to PR webinar

Venue: Zoom, Online,
Cost: £82.50 (exc. VAT) per attendee


What is covered:

• Differences between PR and journalism – attitude and practical applications

• Relevant skills that will transfer from journalism to PR

• New skills needed to function as a successful PR

• Press officers and agency PRs, the major differences and what will suit

• How to be proactive as well as reactive

• How to structure and write press releases – not as straightforward as it would seem as ‘client’ views have to be considered

• Pitching it right – understanding all media options and using other approaches rather than just press releases

• How to plan and run a strategic PR campaign in addition to a press office facility

• Setting up contacts and resources to help open media doors

• How to plan and organise a press conference

• Reviewing changes in the media and understanding web, SMS, viral and blogs

• Monitoring and measuring – essential PR requirements to demonstrate achievement

• Client meeting preparation – who should attend, agendas, activity and contact reports

• Introduction to marketing resources that should be considered as part of the PR mix