Journalism to PR

Masterclass - This course is ideal for journalists looking to make the transition into public relations and marketing.

PR is not just about writing press releases, so this course aims to provide a complete picture of the skills and attributes required. It also includes an understanding of modern marketing methods and ‘client’ requirements that are needed to successfully fulfil any role in PR.

Who it’s for: Journalists entering or thinking of entering the PR industry.

Not for: Non-journalists looking for a career in PR.

What is covered

  • Differences between PR and journalism – attitude and practical applications
  • Relevant skills that will transfer from journalism to PR
  • New skills needed to function as a successful PR
  • Press officers and agency PRs, the major differences and what will suit
  • How to be proactive as well as reactive
  • How to structure and write press releases – not as straightforward as it would seem as ‘client’ views have to be considered
  • Pitching it right – understanding all media options and using other approaches rather than just press releases
  • How to plan and run a strategic PR campaign in addition to a press office facility
  • Setting up contacts and resources to help open media doors
  • How to plan and organise a press conference
  • Reviewing changes in the media and understanding web, SMS, viral and blogs
  • Monitoring and measuring – essential PR requirements to demonstrate achievement
  • Client meeting preparation – who should attend, agendas, activity and contact reports
  • Introduction to marketing resources that should be considered as part of the PR mix

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