Mark Easton

Mark Easton is home editor at BBC News. He heads the UK Specialists Unit at the BBC and is also an accomplished author, writer and presenter.

Mark was inspired to become a journalist after playing the board game Waddington’s Scoop when he was 13-years-old and went on to study his NCTJ pre-lims at Highbury College. Speaking about his training, he said:

“After leaving school and before joining my local paper, I spent a few months in sunny Portsmouth learning journalistic lessons that have served me well from that day to this. A basic understanding of how stories work, how Britain's Byzantine power structures operate and how to write succinctly and clearly were invaluable skills before I started on the Southern Evening Echo.

“But like many NCTJ graduates before me, the most important skill I learned was shorthand. I still use it every day and, although I do struggle sometimes to read my scrawl back, I regularly offer thanks to the teachers who badgered me to master it.”

After a stint in print, Mark moved to broadcast journalism, working for Radio Victory from 1980-1, Radio Aire from 1981-2 and LBC from 1982-6.Mark joined the BBC in 1986 as a reporter on London Plus, BBC Breakfast News, Newsnight and Here and Now.

He progressed to the newly launched Channel Five in 1996 as a political editor, and in 1998 became home and social affairs editor at Channel 4 News. Mark returned to the BBC in 2004 to become home editor and regularly appears on BBC New at Six, BBC News at Ten and Radio 4’s Today programme. He also maintains a blog on the BBC News website.

May 2013