Isabel Hardman

Isabel Hardman is the editor of Coffee House, the Spectator blog.

She graduated from the University of Exeter in 2007, where she had also been news editor of the student newspaper, Exeposé.  She completed her NCTJ training at Highbury College in 2009.

Isabel’s first job was as a senior reporter for Inside Housing magazine. From there, she went on to become assistant news editor at PoliticsHome, before securing her current position in 2012.

She said:

“If I hadn't trained at Highbury, I wouldn't have understood the world I cover now, let alone enjoy it as much as I do. Our public affairs course was invaluable and David Kett taught me not only to understand and report on the intricacies of local government finance, but to love public policy.

“My first job was as a housing journalist and I would have been lost without my training. Similarly, I would never have been able to report on court cases or sit in select committees or in interviews with MPs, write reams of notes and then be able to read everything back quickly without my shorthand, painful as it was to learn.

“I learnt all sorts of tricks from my training too: how to get someone to talk to you who isn't initially willing, how to work a patch and how not to annoy your news editor.” 


June 2013