Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan is a judge on the award-winning television show Britain’s Got Talent, a former editor of The News of the Worldand Daily Mirror and currently a columnist for the Mail On Sunday.

Piers first trained as a journalist on the NCTJ-accredited course at Harlow College, gaining a distinction in journalism and passing all exams, including 100 wpm shorthand.

Equipped with his NCTJ qualification he worked at Surrey and South London Newspapers, before joining The SunThe News of the World and Daily Mirror. Piers then moved into television, becoming the presenter of programmes such as You Can’t Fire Me I’m Famous, Piers Morgan’s Life Stories and a series of special reports looking at life in the world’s most expensive places to live.

As a judge on Britain’s Got Talent andAmerica’s Got Talent and winner of the Celebrity Apprentice television show in the USA, Piers is a household name recognised by millions around the world.

Piers said: “I had a great time doing my NCTJ course at Harlow. It was informative, educational, challenging and entertaining.

“It gave me the perfect skill-base for a career in journalism – from basic, yet essential, stuff like a high shorthand speed, to knowledge of media law, which given the number of times I've been sued, came in particularly handy.

“Most importantly, it taught me the importance of accuracy, critical thinking, editing overly verbose copy to fit a certain space, and telling a story in an exciting and compelling way.

“The NCTJ course prepares students for a life in newspapers that no other course can do.”

August 2010