Dominic Ponsford

Dominic Ponsford has been editor of Press Gazette since December 2006. He completed his NCTJ training at Lambeth College and began his career on the Battle Observer. He then worked as a senior reporter on the Evening Advertiser, Swindon, from 2001 before joining Press Gazette as a reporter in 2003. In 2006, he was highly commended in the writer of the year section of the PPA Awards.

He says: “My NCTJ training provided me with the essential tools I needed to start working as a professional journalist: an understanding of media law, a solid grounding in the nuts and bolts of national and regional politics, the basics of news writing and all-important 100-words a minute shorthand that I still use every day.

“The five-month course I took at Lambeth College was great value and it provided me with a no-nonsense qualification which I know editors value. The NCTJ's NCE test for senior reporters, taken after 18 months on the job, remains the gold standard for news professionals.

“Embarking on a career in journalism without NCTJ training is like ascending Mount Everest minus oxygen - difficult but possible. I'd recommend NCTJ training for anyone serious about embarking on a career in the national or regional press.”

May 2012