Student Council

The Student Council enables NCTJ students and apprentices to communicate their views on journalism training through their elected representatives.

Each year, students on NCTJ-accredited courses and apprenticeship training programmes elect someone to take the position of student representative. This student maintains contact with the NCTJ, keeping the organisation informed of developments at their university, college or private provider. Student representatives are also kept informed of developments at the NCTJ, and are a vital link between the charity and all students.

Transparency is a core value of the NCTJ and the Student Council is one opportunity for the charity to uphold this value. All representatives ask their fellow students for their views and NCTJ staff, including the chairman and the chief executive, answer questions from the representatives.

The council also provides a forum for students to discuss aspects of the industry’s training scheme and contribute to its ongoing development. It is also a networking opportunity for students, as experienced journalists are involved in the day, sharing a wealth of insider knowledge.

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