Journalists at Work 2012

Over 1,000 journalists contributed to the Journalists at Work 2012 survey, which provides a comprehensive demographic profile of the journalism industry, including personal characteristics and geographical employment patterns.

Views on training, recruitment and conditions.

In 2002 the independent survey, Journalists at Work, was published by the former National Training Organisations. The results provided a snapshot of the state of the journalism industry, and allowed the NCTJ to better design courses that prepare students for entry into journalism.

With the release of the 2012 Journalists at Work survey in March 2013, funded by the NCTJ, it is apparent that much has changed in the last 10 years.

A key part of the research is the results from a survey of 1,067 working journalists.

We commissioned this independent research to better understand the changes taking place in journalism, so we would be in a good position to meet the training demands of the industry.

We have updated and extended the original survey to take into account the most pressing issues facing journalism today, and we believe the report provides a revealing snapshot of the industry and practising journalists. It should also act as an impetus to the industry to ensure journalists are given the training and support necessary to do their jobs.

– Joanne Butcher, chief executive, NCTJ

This research was updated in 2018.

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