Emerging Skills for Journalists

This research report examines the drivers of changes in the journalism industry and the implications of those changes for the employment and use of journalistic skills. The report and its findings are based on detailed submissions from journalists, educators, employers and industry bodies.

Drivers of changes in the journalism industry.

The world in which journalists work is fast-changing. Our issues paper sets out some of those changes, which we need to understand so that we can begin to identify what is happening, and what will happen, to journalism skills.

To this end we discuss: developments in the business models of publishing and broadcasting; the impact of Leveson; employers’ use of journalists and journalists’ skills; changing journalistic skills: the impact of IT and digitisation on journalistic skills; changing sectoral employment of journalists; and continuing skills and professional development.

As we identify these issues, and the implications of them for the employment and use of journalistic skills, we also need to have an eye to the future – whether the change identified will continue to develop and therefore continue to have an impact.

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