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Trainee journalists must be registered with the NCTJ in order to be able to sit the National Qualification in Journalism (NQJ). Upon registration, trainees will be given access to an NQJ e-logbook tailored to their chosen media pathway and a provisional earliest NQJ exam date.


To be eligible to sit the NQJ, trainees must achieve the NCTJ Diploma in Journalism to Gold Standard (A-C in all exams, plus 100wpm shorthand if applicable) and also complete a minimum of 18 months employment in the industry. Sector specific and/or individual employer requirements may also apply.


The NCTJ recommend trainees are registered once they have completed their probation period. This allows the maximum amount of time to complete the e-logbook. Delay in registration may reduce the time available for the trainee to complete this. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure their trainees are registered.


Trainees are not automatically entered for NQJ exams. Once a trainee is eligible and ready to sit, it is their responsibility to enrol to sit their exams.


Once the NCTJ receives a registration, an invoice will be sent to the employer’s accounts department. If registering a Newsquest or Reach trainee, a valid purchase order must be provided at point of registration. This is a mandatory requirement of those employer’s finance procedures.

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