Diversity and inclusion in leadership


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Creating a diverse team with people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives is widely proven to increase creativity and innovation.

But there needs to be a culture of openness and inclusion for this to truly manifest itself.

And this is where inclusive leadership skills are so important – and managers need to empower everyone in their team to share their opinions and ideas.

This interactive session will open the discussion on diversity and inclusion; and will offer practical guidance to managers to develop their inclusion skills.

Delegates will learn:

  • Different definitions and perceptions of a diverse team
  • The importance of having a diverse team
  • Tools to increase diversity in the team
  • How unconscious biases can affect diversity
  • Practical guidance on creating an inclusive culture
  • How to create forums for creativity and innovation
  • How to encourage people to share their perspectives

This interactive session will last around 60-70 minutes and delegates will be encouraged to share their views and experiences.

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