The Journalism Diversity Fund “is exactly what is needed” says BBC Radio 5 presenter

The Journalism Diversity Fund made its radio debut on Friday.

The Journalism Diversity Fund made its radio debut on Friday.
Dotun Adebayo, BBC Radio 5 presenter, Melissa Allison-Forbes, who administers the Journalism Diversity Fund, and Jermaine Haughton, a current recipient of the fund, spoke to Colourful Radio about the fund’s importance and how applicants can apply.

Melissa said that she hopes the radio discussion would inform more people from diverse backgrounds that journalism is a viable career.

Speaking after the appearance she said: “The fund is important because it gives more people access to journalism training. Some people do not think of journalism as a career option because they see it as an elitist profession – only for people from white, middle and upper class backgrounds. We want to help change this view.”

Dotun, who is a supporter of the fund told listeners that he was “flabbergasted” when he first heard about the Journalism Diversity Fund. He added: “This fund has been put together by media companies trying to develop journalists from all different backgrounds. That is exactly what is needed – journalism needs as many diverse people as possible.”

Dotun also advised future applicants to get work experience and cuttings to show commitment to the profession.

Listen to the Colourful Radio podcast and select 2011-07-15-1100.

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