“The Journalism Diversity Fund has made this possible”

On Friday, 17 June I received the news that kept my dream of pursuing a career in journalism alive.

By Jamie Nield-Siddall, bursary recipient 2011-2012
On Friday, 17 June I received the news that kept my dream of pursuing a career in journalism alive.

Thanks to the Journalism Diversity Fund I am now eight weeks into the Multimedia Diploma course at News Associates in Manchester. Since the course started in September I have lived, breathed, ate and slept journalism. There is just no other way because it is the most draining and demanding, but most rewarding adventure I have ever had the pleasure to take on.

Even as a trainee at such an early stage, I have had some fantastic opportunities: I do a weekly placement at The Daily Postand I have found the front page story for the past two weeks in a row; I have interviewed a host of interesting people from all walks of life; and I have covered many football matches. I am currently working my new found journalistic powers to track down the award winning Shane Meadows to interview him for The TV Collective website – an opportunity that I have received thanks to the Journalism Diversity Fund.

To be able to gain a diploma and exchange a job for a career, I’ll be honest, seemed a million miles away from me. The Journalism Diversity Fund has made this possible and I am now, and forever will be, grateful for this fantastic opportunity.

The confidence I have since gained after being recognised as someone who has the potential to be a success in this industry has been just as valuable to me as the financial support.

The hard work started two months ago and it will continue until I reach the heights a career in journalism has to offer.

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