Students connect with NCTJ team at distance learning Q&A webinar

Students studying for the NCTJ's Diploma in Journalism qualification via distance learning connected with the NCTJ team.

Students studying for their NCTJ qualification via distance learning connected with the NCTJ team today during a webinar to support their learning.

The distance learners, most of whom are studying the Diploma in Journalism, had the opportunity to ask the NCTJ team questions directly in the 45-minute session.

They quizzed the team about e-portfolio requirements, past papers, shorthand, exams and more.

The students were also given useful information about assessment guidelines and website changes, including on the NCTJ’s Journalism Skills Academy platform where their learning materials are based.

Opening the session, Laura Adams, head of the Journalism Skills Academy, said: “We are really pleased to see you all here today.

“This is our third distance learning Q&A webinar. We started running these events last year following feedback and discussion with many of our distance learners who welcomed the opportunity to hear more about distance learning, our service and what we offer, and also for you to ask questions as well.

“We will be using this session to share as much information as we possibly can.”

The first NCTJ distance learning webinar took place in July last year.

Re-watch today’s webinar here.

The NCTJ’s Journalism Skills Academy supports journalists throughout their careers – offering professional training and development in a range of subjects which reflect the needs of the industry.

Find out more about studying for an NCTJ qualification via distance learning here.

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