Nosweat Journalism Training – Updated

The NCTJ is not trading with Nosweat Journalism Training.

Nosweat Journalism Training wrote to the exams regulator, Ofqual, in August requesting an appeal.  Ofqual’s response was that the decision taken by the NCTJ not to renew accreditation was operational and not a regulatory matter.  Ofqual confirmed it is not an appeals body and would not overturn a decision made by an awarding organisation.  The response also went on to explain that NCTJ had not breached any of its recognition conditions and therefore Ofqual was unable to intervene in this matter.


The NCTJ is not trading with Nosweat Journalism Training. 

This private journalism college cannot deliver NCTJ qualifications other than to complete the training for students on courses prior to 8 July 2011.

The NCTJ is organising the outstanding exams for students from Nosweat who have not completed courses that were previously NCTJ-accredited as well as students on the magazine course which was refused accreditation in 2009.  The NCTJ is covering the costs of the exams and students do not need to pay exam fees for first sittings.


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