NCTJ shorthand procedures

The NCTJ has introduced a new format for running shorthand exams.

The NCTJ has introduced a new format for running shorthand exams, following consultation with shorthand tutors, shorthand exam board members and the NCTJ Quality Assurance and Standards Committee.

The arrangements address issues that were raised at the 2011 shorthand seminar concerning consistency and fairness of shorthand exams. The new format for running shorthand exams will be introduced at centres from September 2012.

The new format is explained below:

  • Separate exams will run for each shorthand speed to ensure that all exams are consistent and fair to all students across all centres.
  • The current time frame for exam dates offered will remain broadly the same (with dates approximately every two weeks).
  • Exams will be offered across Thursdays and Fridays where necessary in the same week.
  • A maximum of 2 speeds will be offered by the NCTJ on each scheduled exam day to combat potential issues with room availability and cost for centres running separate exams.
  • Each exam will have a designated start time as specified on the shorthand exam schedule. The higher exam speed offered on each day will run first and will begin at 0930. The second exam will follow, beginning at 1100. There must be no deviation from the time specified on the exam schedule.
  • 70 and 90wpm exams will be largely discontinued due to declining uptake. A limited number of 70 and 90wpm exams have been scheduled based on the largest exam sittings from previous years.
  • An increased number of the core, significantly more popular 60, 80 and 100wpm exams will be scheduled, increasing the opportunity available for centre to offer these exams.
  • The level of 110 and 120wpm exams offered will be maintained based on previous levels of uptake.

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