More than five hundred sittings for first ever NCTJ diploma exams

There were a total of five hundred and fifty seven exam sittings for the new NCTJ Diploma in Journalism at centres all across the country last week.

There were a total of five hundred and fifty seven exam sittings for the new NCTJ Diploma in Journalism at centres all across the country last week. This was the very first exam sitting for students studying the diploma at one of the twenty six accredited course providers delivering the qualification this academic year.

Over the course of the week, students sat exams in reporting, essential public affairs, essential media law, sub-editing and court reporting. The first sitting of the other options of videojournalism for online, sports journalism and business of magazines will be held in January.

The Diploma in Journalism is the new qualification that provides trainee journalists with the multimedia skills they need in the fast-changing journalism industry. It replaces the Certificate in Journalism that will no longer be offered from the next academic year. More information on the diploma can be found here.

The NCTJ-accredited centres currently offering the Diploma in Journalism are:

Bournemouth University

Brunel University

City College Brighton & Hove

City of Wolverhampton College

Cornwall College

Darlington College

De Montfort University

Glasgow Caledonian University

Harlow College

Highbury College

Lambeth College

Leeds Trinity University College

Liverpool Community College

News Associates, London

News Associates, Manchester

noSWeat Journalism Training

Nottingham Trent University

St Mary’s University College Twickenham

Staffordshire University

Teesside University

The Sheffield College, Norton College

University of Central Lancashire

University of Kent

University of Salford

University of Sunderland

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