McNae’s Essential Law available for Kindle

McNae's Essential Law for Journalists is now available as an electronic version.

The 21st edition of McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists is now available as an ebook. The electronic version is available for Kindle Fire, iPad, Android tablets, PCs and Macs (not basic Kindle).

Author Mark Hanna said: “Now journalists can always have access to McNae’s when on the road preparing to file copy or in courthouses considering whether to challenge a reporting restriction. McNae’s tells journalists what their rights are in many situations, so having instant access to it via their laptops, tablets or smartphones should be of value.”

“Also, journalism students have been asking for a Kindle version, so Mike Dodd and I as co-authors hope they too will find it very useful.”

However students sitting the National Qualification in Journalism (NQJ)  need to be aware that electronic devices cannot be taken into exams due to their wifi and 3G capabilities.

More information about McNae’s is available on the dedicated website.

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