Four new courses awarded NCTJ accreditation

The NCTJ has awarded accreditation for the first time to four journalism courses and has renewed accreditation for 26 courses.

The NCTJ has awarded accreditation for the first time to four journalism courses and has renewed accreditation for 26 courses.

The newly-accredited courses are:

  • Grimsby Institute – Diploma in Journalism
  • Lambeth College – One year Multi-Media Journalism
  • University of Lincoln – BA (Hons) Journalism
  • University of Sunderland – BA Broadcast Journalism

The courses at Grimsby and Lincoln are the first at these centres to be accredited by the NCTJ. The broadcast course at Sunderland joins eight other NCTJ-accredited courses offered by the university, while Lambeth College already has two accredited fast-track courses in news and magazine journalism.

The courses re-accredited by the NCTJ are:

  • Belfast Metropolitan College – 35-week Diploma in Journalism
  • Brighton Journalist Works – Fast-track Diploma in Journalism
  • Brunel University – BA (Hons) Journalism; MA Journalism
  • City College Brighton and Hove – 18 and 36-week NCTJ Diploma in Journalism
  • City of Wolverhampton College – NCTJ Diploma in Journalism
  • Glyndwr University – Certificate of Higher Education in Journalism
  • Harlow College – Fast-track Diploma in News Journalism; Fast-track Diploma in Magazine Journalism; Academic Year Diploma in News Journalism; Academic Year Diploma in Magazine Journalism
  • Kingston University – MA/PGDip Journalism
  • Lambeth College – 18-week Diploma in Journalism (magazines)
  • Press Association London – Foundation course in Multi-media Journalism
  • Press Association Newcastle – Foundation course in Multi-Media Journalism
  • St Mary’s University College, Twickenham – MA/PGDip Sports Journalism
  • University of Central Lancashire – BA (Hons) Journalism; PGDip Newspaper Journalism; MA Magazine Journalism
  • University of Kent – BA (Hons) Journalism and the News Industry; MA Journalism
  • University of Salford – MA/PGDip Journalism
  • University of Sheffield – BA Journalism; MA/PGDip Print Journalism
  • University of Ulster – MA Journalism

These courses continue to show a commitment to providing the gold-standard qualification and delivering high-quality journalism training to students who have the talent and dedication to succeed in their journalism careers. Courses are accredited for up to two years.

The NCTJ’s accreditation board, which met on 9 July, has made changes to the accreditation standard related to delivering practical ethics training, recommendations about work experience and that printed newspapers must continue to be readily available for use in the classroom.

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