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Advice on job applications

Having spent last night shortlisting applicants for the NCTJ’s journalism internship, it’s evident that some students might improve their chances by taking more care with their applications.

Being a journalist was always my dream job, but I was never quite sure how to go about it

I remember attending a ‘how to break into journalism’ speech at university and leaving with the impression that it was going to be impossible for me to become a journalist because I wouldn’t be able to afford the course fees. So instead, I applied for a position as an editorial assistant at a newspaper in Newcastle and tried to accept that journalism just wasn’t an option for me.

I’m working for Sky Sports News

That seat, to be precise, is in the studio of one of Britain’s top broadcasters, Sky Sports News. It’s a far cry from the university room I once sat in worried about how to get my first job in journalism, but I am in no doubt over who made that move possible in the first place, the Journalism Diversity Fund.

NCTJ Student Council – “Journalism should be fun”

I have been pulled to various parts of the UK for the sake of NCTJ training. Being an Aberdonian, who has adopted Bournemouth as my second home to study Magazine Journalism at Up To Speed Journalism Training, it was nice to get the chance to go ‘up north’ to Manchester and visit MediaCityUK to see what all the fuss was about.

NCTJ Student Council – “Never give up”

I recently attended the NCTJ Student Council at the University of Salford in MediaCityUK. Being chosen as the student representative for my course at Brunel University was a role that I was looking forward to undertaking as I would be able to put across any views and opinions of my class mates concerning the NCTJ syllabus.

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