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What to expect in your first journalism job

I work for a local weekly newspaper and in the last three months since I’ve started my job, I’ve had a free kite surfing lesson, donned wellies to visit a dairy farm, interviewed a member of JLS over the phone, covered a high profile rape case, and spent a day on the beach reporting on a sandcastle competition.

A day in the life of a student journalist

Yes, I am finally here. Having worked as a reporter for mainly Turkish media for the past seven years, I became a student journalist at the London headquarters of the Press Association.


‘Getting your foot in the door’ is a term that aspiring journalists get told time and time again, so if you’re not used to hearing it, get used to it.

Never a dull day for journalists

If you ever doubt your journalistic quest, try and think of another job, which introduces you to criminals, top academics or celebrities; where you are ahead of the game, writing part of history.

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