NCTJ Annual Report 2022-23

The NCTJ has published its Annual Report for 2022-23, this year alongside video updates from the NCTJ team.

There are seven videos to accompany the document, allowing readers to get to know the team better and hear more about our work and developments over the past year.

Chief executive's welcome

The NCTJ's chief executive, Joanne Forbes, introduces the charity's Annual Report for 2022-23.


Hear from Lyn Jones, head of qualifications at the NCTJ, about the qualifications we offer.

Outreach project

Will Gore, head of partnerships and projects at the NCTJ, speaks about our outreach project launched during 2022-23.

Journalism Skills Academy 2022-23

The NCTJ's head of the Journalism Skills Academy, Laura Adams, tells us about how the initiative has grown during 2022-23.

Journalism Skills Academy programme

Find out more about how the NCTJ's Journalism Skills Academy can help to boost your career.

Journalism Diversity Fund

Find out about the Journalism Diversity Fund, how it has progressed this year and what it means to the recipients.


Hear from research economist Mark Spilsbury about his work with the NCTJ, and how it can inform the industry.

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