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In keeping with the best traditions of journalism, the NCTJ believes in transparency and the public's right to know information. That is why we publish annual results tables.

The aim of publishing these results is to allow prospective students to make an informed choice about which course is most appropriate for them. They will also help to inform recruiting editors and enable centres offering accredited courses to see how well they are doing.

There are many things students may consider when choosing a journalism training course. Results tables cannot, by their nature, give a complete picture of all a course can offer. They give only statistics, which may be considered alongside other factors.

Diploma in Journalism performance figures for the last completing cohort is published for NCTJ accredited courses in December every year. Assessments in each module are graded from A to F, except shorthand where students can enter exams to achieve speeds from 60 to 120wpm on a pass or fail basis.

To gain the Diploma Journalism qualification, students must pass all the core modules and a minimum of two specialist options all at grades A to E, and achieve at least 60wpm shorthand. Students achieving grades A-C in all the core modules and in a minimum of two specialist options, and at least 100wpm shorthand will gain their qualifications with the industry ‘Gold Standard’.

The information above is included in the individual results tables for each course and centre, along with performance information for each module of the diploma qualification. Results tables have been designed to be searchable in order to give as much information about NCTJ accredited courses and appropriate comparison information as possible.

Searchable performance figures for NCTJ courses based on the following categories are available:

  • Region provider type
  • Course type
  • Component

The component search enables users to filter results by performance in individual modules of the Diploma in Journalism, or by ‘Gold Standard’ achievement. Results tables can be accessed below using the course search.

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