NQJ Enrolment Form

4 March 2022 NQJ

The next NQJ exams take place on Friday, 4 March 2022. Bookings close on Friday, 4 February 2022. Please ensure to book your exams in good time, as the NCTJ are unable to accept late booking requests.

Eligibility: you must have achieved the full Gold Standard Diploma prior to enrolling for the NQJ. You will also need to have completed 18 months training by the date of the exams and ensure exam results in essential media law, media law court reporting and public affairs are not more than five years old.

Exam locations: due to the ongoing impact of Covid, the March NQJ exams will be held and invigilated remotely (i.e. taken at home). However, they can also be held in-person at your workplace where preferred, in which case your employer is responsible for invigilating your exams. If you wish to sit in-office, ensure agreement has been sought from your editor/manager and select 'in-offce' in Section 4 of the enrolment form.

Exam invoicing: Newsquest trainees must provide a valid purchase order number on the enrolment form for the enrolment to be accepted. This is a mandatory requirement set by your employer.

NQJ Enrolment Form

Section 1: Personal details

Section 2: Company details

Section 3: Exams

Tick exams to be sat and select either 'resit' or 'first attempt'.

Fees are inclusive of VAT.

Section 4: Exam location

The NCTJ offers trainees the option to seit NQJ exams at an academic centre or in-office if your company has suitable facilities available. Please state your preference below.



If you choose to sit at an academic centre, all reasonable attempts will be made to enable you to sit at your preferred venue, but this cannot be guaranteed. Your centre details will be confirmed to you by email two weeks prior to the date of the NQJ.

If you choose to sit in-office, your company is responsible for ensuring all necessary facilities are available (secure exam room, technical equipment, senior invigilation staff). You must have authorisation from your editor prior to completing enrolment.

Section 5: In-office exams

This section is only applicable to in-office exams

Section 6: Particular needs

Candidates with disabilities whose circumstances require a reasonable adjustment must supply written evidence to the NCTJ including a completed reasonable adjustment request form and a professional assessment report and/or medical certificate at least two weeks prior to the exam.

Section 7: Payment

To ensure entry, payment must be received in full. In the event of a cancellation or non-attendance no refund will be given. Deferrals will only be considered in exceptional circumstances for the named applicant only, in line with the NCTJ reasonable adjustments and special considerations policy. Candidates who are applying for an exam where the fee has been deferred should indicate this in the payment section below.