Senior News Editor – BBC (Various)

Job Band

Band: F

Contract: Permanent

Base: This role can be based out of any major bureau including Islamabad, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong.

Job Introduction

The BBC World Service is undergoing a significant strategic review. It is becoming a digital first operation and in WS Languages is being managed by two News Controllers – Output and Content.

This new structure seeks to refine the editorial purpose and USP of each of the 42 Language service in target markets, ensure that the BBC is known for distinctive and original content and that well-produced stories from all over the world are shared as widely as possible across the BBC. The BBC World Service continues to be an impartial and independent  international news provider, part of BBC News, which delivers radio and TV output in addition to the digital first approach. It reaches a weekly audience of around 364 million around the world, helping people make sense of the world we live in.

Main Responsibilities

The Lead News Editor role will be a key figure in the leadership team for the World Service, responsible for News Output in the UK and around the world. The role holders require advanced leadership skills in both the running of a high-pressure news team and significant change management. This role is responsible for the Digital vision in line with the editorial and strategic objectives, and as such the role requires leaders who are able to embrace change as audience needs evolve over the next few years, be highly resilient, work with uncertainty and take on new tasks, responsibilities and skills.

Are you the right candidate?

•    Significant knowledge of and experience in digital strategy for news
•    Experience of leading  and managing complex teams in multiple locations
•    Experience of leading strategic change and delivering behaviour change and understanding
•    Ability to respond creatively and in an agile way to changes in markets driven by platforms, significant news event or regulatory changes
•    Experience and success in delivering on a digital vision
•    Expertise in the use of data  and analytic tools to drive decision making and success
•    Understanding of different social media platforms and the role they play in reaching underserved audiences
•    Complete understanding of search optimisation
•    Ability to articulate the purpose and ethos of the BBC World Service and particularly the role of Languages
•    Commitment to living and promoting the BBC values in all aspects of work

Job Impact

Decision making Significant level of responsibility. Exercises initiative but seeks guidance where necessary. Scope Typically responsible for directly managing a team of News Editors and Assistant Editors – team sizes may vary.

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