Newsletter Editor, Remote – Tindle

Primary Task

  • To create engaging, curated newsletters to grow the digital brand
  • To provide a viable commercial platform for the advertising teams to sell into
  • To work with the Editorial Director and Commercial Manager to develop and curate new, niche newsletters for topics, regions or themes from which revenue can be generated
  • To create both RSS feed led newsletters to drive page views, while also creating bespoke destination newsletters with exclusive content

Key Responsibilities

  • Overseeing and curating all of the company’s newsletters
  • Using analytics to explore timing of the newsletters
  • Using analytics and reader feedback to explore tone and content in relation to user needs and demand
  • Experience using a newsletter curation system e.g. MailChimp is preferred
  • Liaising with the Editorial Director and editors to ensure personalised, curated content for each brand, including “notes from the editor” etc, are included wherever appropriate
  • Working with the Commercial Manager and AdOps to allow time for sponsorship and advertising to be created, and develop further revenue opportunities
  • Working to promote the newsletters across all multimedia platforms
  • Researching new ideas and products and, in conjunction with the Editorial Director and Commercial Manager, developing these ideas
  • Creating bespoke destination newsletters to drive engagement and create a community
  • Exploring newsletter evolution, including new topics, regions, themes and ideas as well as different technologies

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