It depends on individual learning speeds and your available time to study and dedication.

Typically, learners can achieve the qualification within 12-18 months.

We strongly recommend that you aim to complete the Diploma in Journalism within 24 months.

The structure, requirements and availability of modules can change because the NCTJ reviews and updates all its diploma materials to reflect the needs of the industry.

The NCTJ will communicate any significant changes to the qualification to learners in advance and annual updates to individual modules are communicated each year in September.

The estimated number of learning hours per module required by a typical learner to gain the qualification (please note, this is for guidance purposes and not a requirement) are below:

Mandatory skills modules Learning hours
Essential journalism 220 hours
Essential journalism e-portfolio 120 hours
Essential journalism ethics and regulation 30 hours
Essential media law and regulation 100 hours
Elective skills modules Learning hours
Business and finance journalism 70 hours
Editing skills for journalists 70 hours
Journalism for a digital audience 70 hours
Media law court reporting 70 hours
Practical magazine journalism 140 hours
PR and communications for journalists 140 hours
Public affairs for journalists 70 hours
Radio journalism 70 hours
Shorthand for journalists 140 hours (to 100wpm)
Sports journalism 70 hours
TV journalism 70 hours
Videojournalism for digital platforms 70 hours

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