Shorthand exam bookings

2021-22 exam dates and start times - August 2021 to July 2022

Exam delivery method: please use the 'location of exam' field in the booking form to tell us clearly whether the exam will be REMOTE or held IN CENTRE. This will ensure your candidates receive the correct version of the exam (i.e. with/without the Proctorio software enabled). If you are holding an exam by BOTH methods, please make this clear and colour code any candidates sitting in-centre in red. 

Further booking information: a shorthand exam must be booked a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the date it takes place. All candidates due to sit the exam must be listed at time of booking. Please do not rebook an exam to add additional candidates. All shorthand exams are taken via the Cirrus online exams platform. If you require a copy of the latest shorthand admin pack which includes exam documentation and procedures, please contact [email protected]

Certificates: while most centres remain closed and NCTJ staff are also working off-site, the regular distribution of shorthand certificates is on hold. We will send certificates in bulk later in the academic year.

Exam Booking Form

Section 1: Exam details

Section 2: Candidate Details

Please use this Excel template as a basis for your exam entry.

Download the candidate entry template, enter details as appropriate and upload it via the field below. Please ensure candidates are listed alphabetically by surname, A-Z. The NCTJ require clear alphabetised candidate lists for the purpose of accurately scheduling and checking exams in Cirrus, confirming results and issuing certificates back to centres in the shortest time-frame.

Exam Procedures

Prior to exam day, invigilators should be suitably familar with procedures. These must be adhered to. Any departure from the NCTJ's conditions may render the exam void.

Invigilators can find current exam documentattion within their unique NCTJ website login. Or please contact the NCTJ and we will provide them to you.