The principles of journalism

Masterclass - Join this workshop to refine and refresh the foundation skills you need to find the best stories and write sparkling copy

Are you looking to understand the core skills which underpin the role of the journalist?

The Principles of Journalism is a four-hour virtual masterclass which provides an overview of the foundation skills that every journalist needs to succeed.

This course is perfect for those who need to understand those core skills for their jobs; and would also suit those who do not work in journalism but need to know the basics of content creation.

Learners will have a better understanding of journalism skills which they may be able to apply to their work.

In summary, the course will provide the following:

  • An insight into journalism and the basic principles of journalism
  • Guidance on interviewing, storytelling and uncovering stories
  • An overview of the ethics and responsibility in journalism

The course content will cover the following:

  • Finding the story and understanding the angle
  • Interviewing skills
  • Storytelling skills (print, digital, visual)
  • Writing succinct stories
  • Understanding the audience
  • Ethical considerations (when/when not to publish)
  • Reporting responsibly and understanding the impact

The trainer for this course will be Dan Lee, who is a journalist, editorial consultant, author, and academic, and has extensive experience of teaching on, designing and leading professional, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses for various industry trainers.

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