Introduction to Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPS)

Lunch and learn: Discover how SLAPPs are stifling free speech and learn how to deal with them when they arise

Though they are unrecognised by UK law, SLAPPS are gaining prominence and are considered aggressive legal acts to stifle free speech and democracy.

Claimants are known to use intimidating methods to block any negative publicity, with little consideration for truth and public interest. They cut across other areas of established media law including privacy and data protection and are typically aimed at investigative journalists and publishers of their work.

This course is essential for all journalists so that they can understand their rights where SLAPPS are concerned.

This one-hour session is being held virtually via Zoom and will feature the following:

  • Explanation of SLAPPS and their recent rise to prominence
  • UK media law and SLAPPS
  • The defence against SLAPPS
  • How the UK media and government is responding to SLAPPS
  • Case studies and examples

The course will be led by Shaun Lowthorpe, an experienced journalist and editor, a journalism lecturer in media law and an NCTJ trainer.

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