Introduction to radio broadcasting

E-learning - This course provides learners with the essential knowledge and specific skills to pursue a role in the radio broadcast media.

Radio broadcasting is an exciting place to carve out a career and, as it continues to attract large audiences, there are plenty of opportunities to work in the sector.

It is aimed at a range of learners – including qualified journalists looking to move from print to broadcast, student journalists exploring their career options, those who wish to extend their knowledge of the media industry, and people from non-journalist sectors who want to learn transferrable skills.

You may have experienced recording audio or podcasting before – in another media role or at university – but live news broadcasting requires specific skills, which you will learn during this course.

The course includes the following:

  • The techniques required to produce a news story for radio broadcast
  • Interviewing skills for radio broadcast including sourcing and finding interviewees
  • Essential information about the radio broadcast sector and how it performs with audiences
  • The basics of broadcast regulation and the ethical considerations of the medium
  • Production skills and editing skills to learn how to produce and edit audio content
  • Techniques to use your voice to enhance storytelling and engage audiences

Practical tasks to test your knowledge and to produce your own radio content

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