Introduction to podcasting

Masterclass - Journalists need a wider range of skills than ever. Podcasts have become popular across the media landscape and are now an essential part of many news organisations’ output.

Podcasts can be a brilliant way for individuals to get their content to audiences in a fresh way.

You’ve probably listened to many podcasts. But how do you go about creating your own: what are the keys to making something that works for you, and for your prospective listeners?

Our online course for podcast beginners is taught via Zoom. The session will cover:

  • Why successful podcasts work
  • Breaking down your podcast idea to a format that will stand the test of time
  • Things to consider when planning your podcast
  • How to write a running order and tips for scripting
  • Tools for remote recording including DIY sound proofing
  • Basic microphone techniques
  • Sound design and music – what you should know
  • Editing basics and where to learn more
  • Uploading and planning your release day
  • Beginners’ marketing for podcasts

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