Integrating artificial intelligence into the content operation

Lunch and learn - How can artificial intelligence (AI) support your newsroom or content operation? How can it be integrated into the day-to-day running of your organisation?

As AI tools and technology continue to evolve and become embedded across the industry, this course focuses on how to integrate AI strategy into organisational working practices.

Whether you belong to a small to medium sized business, or a large-scale organisation, this will provide a high-level view of the capabilities of AI and will provide guidance on how to integrate this new technology into the operation.

The course will be held on Zoom and is ideal for managers and industry leaders in the traditional and non-traditional media sectors.

The following will be covered in the session:

  • High-level summary of generative AI technology and tools within the areas of news gathering, news production and news distribution
  • Overview of how AI is being used in different media organisations
  • Guidance on creating an AI strategy and editorial guidelines for the content operation
  • Guidance on latest legal and regulatory updates to provide context for ethical use of AI
  • Guidance on integrating an AI strategy into existing working practices
  • Communication and implementing change to the operation

The session will be led by an experienced trainer and there will be opportunities for discussion throughout the course.

The course will be hosted via Zoom and will last around 1.5 hours.

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