Editing skills

Masterclass - Learn the essentials skills everyone needs to edit copy and oversee other people’s work – whether that’s a report, news story or press release

Do you need the key skills to edit copy effectively?

Learn the essentials everyone needs to check or oversee other people’s work – whether that’s a report, news story or press release.

These highly practical sessions are delivered remotely in 2.5 hour slots.

Martin Lloyd, the former BBC writing standards editor, will show you how to:

  • Sub-edit stories in a more analytical and critical way
  • Spot errors quickly and turn raw copy into captivating content
  • Gain the confidence to rewrite text to create concise and compelling editorial at high speed

The course is ideal for:

  • Editors, news editors, sub-editors, proofreaders
  • Marketing, social media, PR and comms staff
  • Executives/managers looking to communicate effectively

Session 1: Proofreading and punctuation

  • Proofreading: principles and practice
  • Typographical checklist
  • How to punctuate sentences properly
  • When punctuation errors change the meaning

Session 2: House style and spelling problem words

  • Spotting spelling errors: rules and exceptions to the rule
  • Cliches and jargon: problem words and better alternatives
  • Ensuring a consistent house style
  • Developing your tone of voice

Session 3: Engaging your readers

  • How to target and engage your audiences
  • Simplifying complex and/or passive sentences
  • Choosing words your audience will understand
  • Replacing long expressions with tight copy

Session 4: Story structure and grammar

  • Story structure: making dense copy easy to read
  • Constructing articles that read and flow well
  • How to write in the active, rather than passive, voice
  • Common grammar pitfalls and how to avoid them

Session 5: Writing for the web, SEO and headlines

  • Writing for online audiences
  • SEO for editors
  • How to link well
  • Producing powerful headlines and intros

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