Editing skills masterclasses

Do you need the key skills to edit copy effectively?

Learn the essentials everyone needs to check or oversee other people’s work – whether that’s a report, news story or press release.

These highly practical sessions are delivered remotely in 2.5 hour slots throughout the week, with delegates able to choose as many as they like (see below).

Martin Lloyd, the former BBC writing standards editor, will show you how to:

  • Sub-edit stories in a more analytical and critical way
  • Spot errors quickly and turn raw copy into captivating content
  • Gain the confidence to rewrite text to create concise and compelling editorial at high speed

The course is ideal for:

  • Editors, news editors, sub-editors, proofreaders
  • Marketing, social media, PR and comms staff
  • Executives/managers looking to communicate effectively

Each session is hosted on Zoom and includes a 15 minute comfort break.

Book on to individual sessions for £62.50+VAT or the whole week’s training for £300+VAT.

Session 1: Proofreading and punctuation

  • Proofreading: principles and practice
  • Typographical checklist
  • How to punctuate sentences properly
  • When punctuation errors change the meaning

Session 2: House style and spelling problem words

  • Spotting spelling errors: rules and exceptions to the rule
  • Clinches and jargon: problem words and better alternatives
  • Ensuring a consistent house style
  • Developing your tone of voice

Session 3: Engaging your readers

  • How to target and engage your audiences
  • Simplifying complex and/or passive sentences
  • Choosing words your audience will understand
  • Replacing long expressions with tight copy

Session 4: Story structure and grammar

  • Story structure: making dense copy easy to read
  • Constructing articles that read and flow well
  • How to write in the active, rather than passive, voice
  • Common grammar pitfalls and how to avoid them

Session 5: Writing for the web, SEO and headlines

  • Writing for online audiences
  • SEO for editors
  • How to link well
  • Producing powerful headlines and intros

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