MA Journalism – University of Portsmouth (remote)

Our MA Journalism course, which is an online only programme, will see students critically reflect on national and global issues surrounding journalism, from the changing nature of reporting and media ownership, the impact of the digital age on the industry, to how news organisations can still influence debate and society at large.

Employability skills underpin the course with a focus on what editors need and want in today’s world. Students will learn how to become a digital-savvy reporter who can write for an online audience, produce a podcast and understand the laws and regulatory codes which impact on a journalist.

They will learn how to use investigative techniques to uncover public interest news, interrogate data and create engaging visuals.

Students will develop the professional practice required to be an authoritative voice in a newsroom and create a body of published work which will make them stand out.

They will also get the opportunity to learn shorthand which remains vitally important for any reporter.

NCTJ elective modules offered: 

  • Shorthand for journalists
  • Public affairs for journalists
  • Data journalism
  • Journalism for a digital audience
  • Videojournalism for digital platforms
  • Media law court reporting
  • Editing skills for journalists
  • Practical magazine journalism

There is also a part-time option of this course which is run over two years.

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