NQJ Enrolment Form

5 July 2019

Enrolment for the 5 July NQJ has now ended.

Notes for candidates:

  • ensure you have completed the full Gold Standard Diploma prior to enrolling for the NQJ. You will also need to have completed 18 months training by the date of the exams and ensure exam results in essential media law, media law court reporting and public affairs are not more than five years old.
  • resits - candidates resitting from the Level 5 qualification will need to select both media law (MLEP) and big news story (BNS) exams when enrolling. However, passes gained in e-logbook carry forward.
  • exam locations - Level 6 exams are offered either at centre or in-office. If in-office is selected, ensure agreement has been sought from your editor/manager and that all equipment and staffing will be available. Centre sittings are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
The enrolment form is not currently available.