Kevin Perry

Kevin EG Perry is the assistant editor of and a writer for British GQ.

He graduated from the London School of Economics in 2008, where he had also been executive editor of the student newspaper, The Beaver. He completed his NCTJ training at Lambeth College in 2010.

He says: “I spent three years at university ostensibly studying politics while in fact the whole time I was holed up in The Beaver’s tiny office, pretending I had the first idea about how to run a newspaper. After I graduated I realised that I wanted to spend the rest of my life writing but had had no formal training whatsoever. That’s why I applied to an NCTJ pre-entry journalism course.

“The six months at Lambeth College went by fast, but I learned a huge amount. Feedback can be a hard thing to find in the relentlessly busy environment of a newspaper or magazine office, and it’s a particularly scarce resource for freelancers. Having experienced journalists as tutors who were willing and able to properly critique my work was invaluable.

“With the speed of online publishing it’s more important than ever that anyone who is writing, blogging or even tweeting knows their way around media law. I still think back to the lessons I learned on the NCTJ course which were burned into my memory by teachers who could bring their own hard-won experience to bear.

“In the 2 ½ years since graduating from the NCTJ course I’ve been incredibly fortunate to write for many fine publications about a great number of strange and wonderful things. I’ve been on tour with bands for the NME, written about healthcare for sex workers in India for The Guardian and interviewed the second man on the moon for GQ. Wherever I’ve been and in whatever wretched circumstances I’ve been desperately struggling to file, the lessons I learned on the NCTJ course have helped me to turn around clean copy fast enough to hit my deadlines. Editors really, really like it when you do that.”